Yu Jin Bang born in 1949, he's an experienced carpenter and the one who take care of all the processing of our wooden dummies constructions. On the picture here on the right, he's working on a dummy's body , chiseling the holes by hand carefully.

Yu Sheng Po, is an experienced painter, who takes care of the finish of the wooden dummy (polishing/painting) He has over ten years of painting experience and knows how to use the Chinese traditional technique of painting to protect your wooden dummy.

Mr Wang is the person who shapes the body, arms and legs of the dummies with his lathe machine.


Our Wing Chun wooden dummies are handcrafted from elm trees. This wood type is especially strong and they were traditionally used as pillars in our countryside houses.

The logs are dried before use in order to reduce potential cracking. The body and arms are turned on a lathe.

Once completed, the entire wooden dummy is hand sanded , painted and finished with natural wood wax. It gives the wood a naturally beautiful, protective finish.


Put the new log into the Water for 3 months at least,that can keeps the balance of the moisture,Actually you will find the weight of the log get much lighter after 3 monthes soaking under the water.

The best moisture content is under 13%, so we still need another 3 monthes at least to let the log lose moisture slowly in warehouse instead of outdoor under sunshine.

We need to be sure that the moisture get out slowly so that the log won't crack from quick-dry,such as dry by machine or dry under hot sunshine.

After 6 month,the log is dry,and the moisture content reach to the normal level, under 13%. Then the square block is turned on a giant lathe to produce a completely cylindrical body ready for the square mortises to be chiseled out by hand.


The two upper arms are level in the traditional way, which allows the angles to be altered to create a tight or wide centerline to workthrough. The middle arm is centered, and each arm is smoothly tapered to give the authentic look and feel.

The Leg is manufactured with one piece of wood to ensure the maximum strength can be achieved. Each leg is carefully rounded off by hand to create a cylindrical shape that ensures there are no sharp edges to kick or press the shin on.


After polishing, the wood finishing refers to the process of embellishing and/or protecting the surface of a wooden material. The process starts with surface preparation, either by sanding by hand (typically using a sanding block or power sander), scraping, or planing.

Once the wood surface is prepared and stained, a number of coats of finish may be applied, often sanding between coats. Commonly used wood finishes include wax.

An exquisitely designed dummy like this needs more protection by coating, which can adjust the temperature and humidity, and make it non-blocking and transparent, protect it from corrosion, dirt, moisture, build environmental, healthy and comfortable home for human beings.

The Wood Wax Vegetable Oil we used for painting our wooden dummies conform to Europe SGS Standard and is made of imported vegetable oil as the base material, without benzene.

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Cuong H. - USA

Yes I am very happy. I received the wooden dummy fast and easy. Believe it or not, it's my first time ever buying oversea, especially I am not purchasing a $10 or $50 item. I want to thank you to be very helpful, following through all the details with you and confirm to you when his product should be right in front of yoru door.

Andy C. - Canada

Nice wooden dummy ! Transaction went very well. Very good communication and always kept me updated during the process of making the dummy. Will defenitely buy again.

José H. - Spain

Price can't be beaten and very fast delivery. It's the best training tool i have ever purchased so far. Excellent seller and highly recommended ! Thanks