We can fix your personal dummy design !

Besides the wooden dummy that has been used in most of the Wing Chun schools, there are a other Chinese Martial Arts styles such as Praying Mantis ,Hung Gar, Choy Lay Fut or Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do , who does have their own specific measurements and needs.

Some styles or practitioners need a 'head' section on the body of the dummy , multiple arms, a spinning or moving model or arms..

Whatever style or specifications you require, we're sure we can fix it for you !

What we need from you

It won't come as a surprise you if we told you that we need detailed measurements and a drawing of your design right ?  
Once we got that we will check with our craftsmen and send you a confirmation. An upfront payment of 50% will be asked before starting to work on your project.

The price will depend on the model and specifications but most of the times we can keep the total amount   around $1000.

Mail us  your requirements at customwork@mywoodendummy.com